My name is Salvan Ross III and I am co-founder and managing member of Revenue Services LLC. Over the past seven years I have been acquainted with Hayden Worrell founder of Worrell Consulting LLC, mostly in his capacity of Divisional Controller at our former place of employment. Shortly after the founding of Revenue Services LLC in early 2008 I hired Worrell Consulting LLC to develop a customized vendor invoicing, tracking and funding database using Access. Hayden completed this assignment in record time saving the newly formed Revenue Services an enormous amount of time and financial resources had it opted to purchase comparable software tailored to suite its needs. Based on his diligent approach to any task he undertakes we recommend Hayden to anyone requiring his skills and services.

Salvan Ross III
Managing Member
Revenue Services LLC ( )

At Total Mortgage Services LLC we strive to be the best in our industry and as a result we go to great lengths to only hire the best talent. In March of 2008 we engaged the services of Hayden Worrell founder of Worrell Consulting, LLC. We needed an experienced accounting professional with exceptional data manipulation skills to get us through a period in which key personnel needed to take a leave of absence. Although this was a temporary assignment Hayden hit the grown running, doing what was necessary to ensure the continuity of accounting operations at Total Mortgage Services. Since then he has developed custom loan processing applications using Access, shared his knowledge with other staff and also developed and streamlined many of our accounting processes. He has made it possible to complete monthly financials in much less time. He is very responsive to our needs and has found a solution to all problems we present him. He continues to be a most valuable resource to the business.

John Walsh
Founder and President
Total Mortgage Services LLC ( for all your mortgage financing needs at the lowest rates in the nation)